Monday, 1 June 2015

Penneys nail varnish review

Hi dolls.

I just began buying nail varnish again. God knows why I never really bought it. You can be so creative with it. 

The one I bought is limited collection from Penneys. There are three nail varnishes in a box. The colours i chose are lilac she'll, pink ice and pink shine.

The pink shine and lilac shell are great colours for a base colour for the day time and then if you want to make your outfit sparkle for night time, you can add the pink ice. That is the colour in the picture below in the middle.

It also drys quickly, within one minute or less and you can add it to any outfit. Especially black, white and pink. The sparkles brighten any outfit up.

I love it and it only cost €4 for the whole set, so go and get it before it sells out girlies.

These are the reasons why I love it but let me know what you think.

Until next time...

Mes amis,


Monday, 18 May 2015

Cannes Film Festival

Hi Dolls,

Literally just finished my final year exams so that's why I haven't been writing in a while.

I will try to write every week and perhaps every day or every couple of days since I have some time on my hands now.

So the Cannes Film Festival took place on the 16th of May this year.

One of the sexiest festivals of the year (because it's located in France)

Here are my best dressed.

Black beauties

Sienne Miller in Sonia Rykiel.
Michelle Rodriguez in Elie Saab.
Naomi Watts inBlack Tulle and Lace.
Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadna.

All of these dresses are fab, but my favourite of all of these stunning black dresses is the 

Beautiful in Blue

Sonam Kapoor in Ralph and Russo.
Lea Seudoux in Miu Miu
Marie Gillian in Elie Saab.
Eva Longoria in Atelier Versace

White Angels

Zoe Kravitz in Valentino.
Lelia Bekhti in Fishtail Train.
Andie McDowell in Ralph and Russo.
Rachel Weisz in Narciso Rodriguez.

Random Colours

Salma Hayek in Gucci.
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Couture.
Natile Portman in Dior.
Lupita Nyong in Gucci.
Naomi Watts in Elie Saab.
Heike Makatsch inBallerina Tulle.
Lala Rudge inBlue Lace.
Cheryl Cole in Ralph and Russo.

My favourite best dress of all mentioned above has to be... Andie McDowell.
The dress is just so elegant with a hint of sexiness to it all at once. It also fits her figure perfectly. 
definitely the best dressed in my opinion.

Worst dressed
This dress doesn't fit her properly and has random parts which are see throu which looks really odd. 

This dress it too plain with a random coloured strap which would work well if it was used as a belt for the dress.

This outfit is all a bit too much. There is too much going on and I don't think it is suitable for an event such as this one. The coat also does not do anything for the outfit. Make it look clumpy.

The colours o this dress do not work well together AT ALL. The patterns are all wrong and clash. The only nice thing about this outfit are the shoes.

This dress look like a duvet which she got off her bed. The material makes her look bigger than she is and the trail is too long. The colour is too pale for her skintone. the whole outfit just does not work well.

This outfit is too plain. Is it a jumpsuit or a dress?? Who knows!! The cape part is not working for me wither. If it was in a different colour it could possibly work.

This look like something from the 90's. There is also random pieces of material sewn to random parts of the dress. Definitely not something I would wear. A child could have designed this dress. 

I hope you like my comments and I would like if you had different opinions to mine.

Until next time...

Au revior

mes amis


Friday, 10 April 2015

Penneys Haul

Hi there dolls,

I know it's been a while, but I am a college girl after all. Have to hit those books.

Anyway, the weather here has been A-MAZ-ING... which prompted me to go shopping for my holiday clothes (in between writing thesis, essays and studying for exams :-( ).

I went on a big haul in Penneys (and some other high street shops), and this is what I bought.

Penney buys
High waisted shorts, €11

I bought these high waisted denim shorts because they look great with anything. A t-shirt, a tank top or a flowy top for evening time wear. It it perfect for holidays because sandals look great with them. 

Short shorts, €10
I LOVE these shorts because they're so vibrant and soooo BLUE!!! I love a pop of colour. Especially in the sunshine and with a bikini which is the only time I would wear these because they are very short shorts.
Playsuit, €11
This colour is a tad dark, but when you match it with white sandals, a bright bag and sunnies, it will brighten up the playsuit. Or if you wanted it for evening wear, just add some gold jewelry and you'll have a great evening outfit.

denim playsuit, €11

I bought this denim playsuit the other day and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It cost €11 and it's so light. It is definitely more of a day outfit combined with sunnies, a bag and sandals. Definitely one of my best buys.

Playsuit, €11

This is another day time wear. It's patterned and I Love patterned things. Especially  because you don't have to put anything with it. It's perfect by itself. This one is also very very comfy. Perfect material for hot weather.

maxi dress, €15

This printed maxi dress was one of my best buys. I got it for €15 and I usually like to wear it in the evening time because it's kind of hard to move around in when you're walking long lengths on holidays. Add some jewelry to it, gold or silver would work and add sandals to the mix. You have got yourself a comfy, light and stylish evening attire.

maxi dress, €15

This is my favourite maxi dress and again only for evening attire because of the material. The material is a bit heavier than the maxi dress above, but still light. Evening suits it perfectly because you will not swelter in it. You could add wooden or gold bangles and head wear to this and you have yourself an elegant evening dinner outfit.

tank tops, €1.90 each

I am constantly buying these because they are so handy to have on under a jumper or a flowy top. They also go with everything; jeans, skirts, shorts. You name it. They cost me €1.90 each and they have various colours. Well worth a buy.

Slogan t-shirt, €4

When I saw this, I just had to buy it. I am a Paris fanatic (as well as New York and London), so I knew it when I saw it that it had to be bought. Slogan t-shirts are always a good buy, especially if they're flirty like this one.

dotted top, €4

I love this top because it's flowy, so if you over indulge, no one can see your belly. I wear it on nights out over hear during the summer and usually tuck it into my jeans, skirt, etc and add a leather jacket to it. This would go well with the high waisted shorts above. It is a multi-functional top which can be worn as day time or evening time wear.


My NIGHTTIME WEAR. How cute are these. I bought the pajamas on the right hand side from Penneys at a bargain of €7 for the shorts and the tank top. How cute are they?!

I bought the pajamas on the left in forever 21 in New York. They are super cute and again my Parisian fashion fanatism is coming through. They were a bit more expensive at €10, but are super comfy.

Bikini, €8

I was searching fora really nice bikini because I'm going on holidays to Greece this summer. So I wanted something that looked good in the sun. I loved the pattern on this and the twist at the front. The top can be worn as a boob tub or it has a halterneck top if that would make you feel better. I prefer the boob tub because it gives you less tan lines.

Sailor bikini, €8

I loved the look of this because I think it looks classy and kind of sailor like. It has gold baubles between the "boob holders", the strings to tie around the back and on the bottoms on the sides. Love the stripes too. The small gold baubles and the stripes definitely remind me of a sailor. Don't as me why haha.

Vibrant bikini, €7

I love this little number too. It has a cool pattern. The colours go really well together and it's such vibrant colours tha make it feel holiday like. One of my favourite next to the sailor bikini.

Espana bikini, €8

Now I'm not going to bring this bikini on holidays to Greece with me, but how cool is this bikini??!! Espana is the part that goes on your behind. How kinky? hehe. It is really handy though because both the top and the bottom have string so you can tighten or loosen them. A really good buy.

Globe bikini, €8
When I saw this bikini, I thought it was the qwerkiest bikini I had seen in penneys. It has the globe on it!! How cool is that??!! Definitely bringing this on holiday and it suits every country you go to.

That was my Penneys haul. I hope you liked it. I bought a LOT of bikini's but it just means I have one for each day haha. 

I hope you like it and will be inspired to go on a Penneys haul.

Until next time...

Au revoir

mes amis


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Killer Fashion GNO blog party

Hello darlings.

So sorry it's been a while, but I do have a thesis to be keeping on top of.

Anyhoo, I was invited to Killer Fashions events hosted by the beautiful blogger herself, Nirina Plunkett. Check it out. Her blog is fab. Link:

It was a fab night had by all involved and I got to meet some really cool people, what they do and what their blogs are about.

We got a goody bag with Make-up goddies, an iphone cover and vouchers for cosmetic places such as Benefit. The product in the gift bag that made me lol was the toothpaste. I was cracking up, but it's actually one of the teeth whitening toothpastes so it holds a purpose. It still mad me laugh.

Anyway, this is what I wore:

Tank top - Penneys - €1.90
I got this tank top in Penneys for €1.90. €1.90!!!!!!!! No where else in Dublin City will you get a Tank top for this price. NO WHERE!! I dare you to try my blogger friends. You can get them in various colours. I thought it was very summer like since it was so warm yesterday (until it got to around 10pm when it became like the Antarctic).

Jeans - Penneys - €7
I coordinated the turquoise tank top with these light coloured denim jeans. Again since it felt like summer, I felt the outfit needed a pop of colour. I bought these in Penneys for €7. Best buy this week. And they actually fit too. 

To complete the outfit, I wore my coral coloured blazer blazer which can be seen in my previous post "Afternoon Tea outfit darlings". Link: 

The shoes I wore with these are the pointed black ones that I wore for my 21st birthday. The details on them can be found on my "21st Attire" post. Link: 

Jewelry always completes an outfit. So I wore a gorgeous necklace that I got as part of my 21st present from my girlfriends. I don;t know how much it costs but I know they bought it in Penneys as I've seen it when I'm browsing in there. It's fab and summer like.

Summer necklace - Penneys

Then I wore a birth stone Alex and Ani bracelet that my friends also got me and a dragon fly Alex and Ani bracelet that my auntie's best friend bought for me. They both have beautiful meanings and are made from recyclable products which I think is awsome. Even tough they were presents, I know they cost arounf €30 each which is good this brand.
Garnet Alex and Ani braclet - €30

Dragonfly - Alex and Ani bracelt - €30

I hope you liked it.

Leave some comments if you feel like it.

Thank you/gracias/merci/danke...

Mes amis